is looking for fresh talent to write both opinion piece articles, review, and guides with games provided by us. Geekmandem was the website that allowed me to get my start in the industry and go on to work at sites like Esports Insider, Red Bull, Esports News UK, ESTNN, Squadstate and Mansion Bet. One of my goals with Geekmandem is to continue the work we first did back in 2011 but with all the knowledge we’ve gained along the way. Below you’ll find the type of roles we’re looking for but for anything else, contact me at

What type of articles we are looking for.

Reviews / Previews. — For now, this will be the primary type of content we are looking for. Titles will be provided by the site for any review, preview or future guides you may wish to do. We’ll have a selection of games available across a number of platforms.

Articles / Opinion piece — If you have an opinion or top X article you’re just dying to share with the world, this might be the place for you. As with reviews and guides, if available, games can be provided.

Guides —  Much like with our review and preview content our guides, where possible, will be provided for by the site. So regardless of your platform or region, get in touch below and let’s start making great content.

What we do not want.

We are not looking to be a hit driven site, we want quality and to earn our place among the top sites. We’re not looking to bait views with PS5 v Xbox articles. Furthermore, we want Geekmandem to be a place full of opinions from across the globe. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, what you look like, or if you only play on one system. We want to amplify your voice to as many people as possible.


Anyone is able to submit news once they’re a contributor to the site, though the bulk of this work will be done by myself so that the site has a steady stream of daily content.

What we offer you

“Once we grow you will see the benefit” a line many of you reading this page will have seen, and likely rolled your eyes at. The reality is, however, for now we can offer you a platform, a place to grow, and some free games. Nothing is expected of you, you can write once a month or twice a year. See us as a platform for yourself and a way to get your content on a site that can become a credible name in the space.

If this sounds like your type of site, or you just want to know more — email me at with as much or as little information as you can. I look forward to seeing some of you on the site soon.