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Feature 1

Star Wars: The Old Republic Review

A while back, I took at look at the beta for the new massively multiplayer game from BioWare, Star Wars: The Old Republic.  Well, as of the 20th, the game is officially launched, but for the past week some lucky players have been included in the pre-launch, leveling up our characters and generally trying to get as much neat stuff as […]

PlayStation 1

Saints Row The Third Review

Firstly, sorry that the review is late. I have been far too busy killing endless poor pedestrians and rival gang members to a pulp with my extraordinary dildo bat… Yes.. A gigantic dildo bat that will literally knock you off your feet. Saints 3 not only has wacky weaponry, but it doesn’t take itself seriously at all throughout, and there […]

Feature 12

Skyrim PC Review

It’s finally here!  After waiting for so long, there I sat at my PC – I’ll admit, I’m still enough of a nerd that I prepared well for this.  My normally cluttered desk had only gotten worse, now filled with soda, snacks, with my favorite pair of slippers on standby since my house gets cold this time of year.  I […]

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Review: Battlefield 3 (PC)

A few weeks back, I made an ongoing post about the good, the bad, and the ugly regarding the Battlefield 3 PC beta.  Well, now that we’re seeing the live retail version of the game, it’s time to take another look and see what was improved, and what was not – Electronic Arts and DICE promised some changes were already set, […]