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Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta Impressions

BioWare and Electronic Arts have lifted the non-disclosure agreements from the beta of their massively multiplayer online world, and the news is starting to flow about what the latest venture into the Star Wars galaxy is like.  Sitting down for a day of gaming, I found myself sucked into George Lucas’ brainchild, and playing the adventure as just one more character […]

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Abobo’s Big Adventure Preview

The internet has produced some incredible things, however it was with a great amount of pleasure that I stumbled across something that could only be described as the end-all, be-all of nostalgic gaming: Abobo’s Big Adventure.  The game, a free flash title being developed right here is about as close to being utterly insane as I could possibly imagine.  Maybe it’s […]

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Tribes: Ascend Closed Beta Begins

A while back, I wrote about the five greatest innovations for the first person shooter genre over the years, and mentioned the Tribes series as a big name.  It’s no accident that the mention of that series came not long before the opening of the closed beta for the newest game in the series, Tribes: Ascend, which opened up November […]

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The MechWarrior Reboot

For the past month, the Inner Sphere News twitter feed has been providing small image fragments to the public, all hinting at a big announcement for the long-awaited MechWarrior Reboot that I wrote about this month.  Well, as October came to a close, we were finally promised the last image that would complete the information.  With each day, a couple […]

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Skyrim Xbox 360 Manual Leaked?

 No one is quite sure if the pictures of an Xbox 360 manual for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim are legitimate or not, but they sure are causing a stir in the gaming community! The pictures surfaced on, and quickly went viral among those eager to get a quick look at its contents. I took a look at the […]

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Preview: The Return of SSX

I won’t lie, I hate a lot of the sports games out there.  They generally do little to get me interested, and I quickly find that bugs in the game disappoint me immediately, so I set them aside.  The exception to this, however, has always been in EA’s over-the-top snowboarding game; it was one of the first Playstation 2 games […]

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Dead or Alive, Not Quite Dead

After a long hiatus from the series (Dead or Alive 4 struck back in 2005 for US gamers, 2006 for EU gamers), the DoA series is set to make its triumphant return in 2012, according to a new announcement by Tecmo Koei.  The announcement, made earlier this week, also served to confirm an internet rumor that the latest game would […]

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The Lord of the Rings: War in the North Preview

Warner Bros. interactive and Snowblind Studios, creators of amazing hack and slash titles like Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance, have teamed up to bring fans of The Lord of the Rings a more brutal slice of the Tolkien universe.  The Lord of the Rings: War in the North is a hack and slash title set in the third age of Middle […]