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A Look Back, 2011 In Review

2011 has been a hectic year for gamers and developers alike; we’ve all seen some great titles released into the market to fanfare and celebration, while others have fallen through the cracks.  Companies have risen and fallen, suffered and benefited from the turmoil that was the past twelve months.  In the meantime, the gaming and technology world has lost a few historic […]

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Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta Impressions

BioWare and Electronic Arts have lifted the non-disclosure agreements from the beta of their massively multiplayer online world, and the news is starting to flow about what the latest venture into the Star Wars galaxy is like.  Sitting down for a day of gaming, I found myself sucked into George Lucas’ brainchild, and playing the adventure as just one more character […]

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Gaming News Rundown

I have a confession to make, Skyrim is a productivity killer.  Just over a week of playing the game has made it abundantly clear to me that, a bad case of getting sick aside, I don’t want to do much else right now.  Still, when I pulled my head out from under the rock I’ve been living under all week, […]

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Mario vs. PETA, Real or Headline Mongering?

The story has made headlines as Nintendo’s new 3DS handheld title, Super Mario 3D Land, hit store shelves.  The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) began a new campaign maligning the popular series, specifically targeting the choice of the “Tanooki Suit” present in the game.  The animal rights group went as far as to link the game with […]

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Fallout MMO

I don’t know if anyone has found this out as of yet but Interplay is in the process of making a MMO for Bethesda’s Fallout franchise. I am constantly wondering about the tons of possibilities about what they could possibly do with it. What are all of your thoughts on it? I would appreciate your commenting below. Check out the […]