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General Articles that are about Gaming in General

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Chrono Trigger on the PSN

Great news from Sony, as word was just released that later this week, probably one of the most famous, influential, and beloved RPG’s in history will be available on the PSN.  In case you didn’t catch the games Super Nintendo release in 1995, or the 1999 Play Station port of the game (which added amazing animated cutscenes), or the 2008 […]

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Street Fighter: History Of

Street Fighter is 22 years old and has been on all the consoles you would like to name and a lot of merchandise from figurines, t-shirts and you pretty much get the picture. So what is it about Street Fighter? Which has captivated our hearts, beat your friends and random people across the net to a pulp by using the […]

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Gaming Economy

For a lot of people today saving five dollars on a game sounds like a great deal given the current economic situation. Game developers however are not pleased with companies, like GameStop, who buy and resell used games. Those companies make around $2 million in used game sales a year alone while developers see little to none of that money […]

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Thoughts on the Playstation Move

Okay, for those of you who have been living under a rock in the world of Video Games, Sony announced that the “Playstation Move” will launch in late 2010. Now, you might ask what exactly is the “Playstation Move”.. well.. it’s Sony’s way of having their own Nintendo Wii esq. games released. Basically, Sony wants you to pay up to […]

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Welcome To GMD

So this is it GMD What is it you ask? GMD is as the Tag line Suggest a small Blog Written by Gamers for Gamers, Our Content will be all things Gaming, from Info on the latest games, to our view on the latest games. Our Format will be to have a casual and relaxed attitude, we wont give you […]