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Gaming News Rundown

I have a confession to make, Skyrim is a productivity killer.  Just over a week of playing the game has made it abundantly clear to me that, a bad case of getting sick aside, I don’t want to do much else right now.  Still, when I pulled my head out from under the rock I’ve been living under all week, […]

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Mario vs. PETA, Real or Headline Mongering?

The story has made headlines as Nintendo’s new 3DS handheld title, Super Mario 3D Land, hit store shelves.  The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) began a new campaign maligning the popular series, specifically targeting the choice of the “Tanooki Suit” present in the game.  The animal rights group went as far as to link the game with […]

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A “Previously on Assassin’s Creed” Trailer

The game launches today, along with the equally anticipated Halo CE: Anniversary. To accompany it across the finish like Ubisoft has posted ‘Previously on Assassin’s Creed” trailer, notably subtitled in a variety of languages depending on which video you watch. Metacritic has so far given the game (both versions) that magical number 8, a number that could mean just about anything. However, […]

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Skyrim PC Review

It’s finally here!  After waiting for so long, there I sat at my PC – I’ll admit, I’m still enough of a nerd that I prepared well for this.  My normally cluttered desk had only gotten worse, now filled with soda, snacks, with my favorite pair of slippers on standby since my house gets cold this time of year.  I […]

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Abobo’s Big Adventure Preview

The internet has produced some incredible things, however it was with a great amount of pleasure that I stumbled across something that could only be described as the end-all, be-all of nostalgic gaming: Abobo’s Big Adventure.  The game, a free flash title being developed right here is about as close to being utterly insane as I could possibly imagine.  Maybe it’s […]

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Skyrim Australian Street Date Broken

It seems a shame to break a street date as awesome as 11.11.11, but Skyrim is now on the shelves. – kronjob That quote comes straight from the Xbox Australia and New Zealand Facebook page. Rumours are awhirl that the culprit is one Harvey Norman store somewhere downunder, but that all hardly matters now (well, it does, something like a […]

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Greatest Video Game Trailer Ever Made?

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the trailer for a certain upcoming title, then enjoy what has been deemed by many as the most marketable video game trailer in recent memory, if not history. Relying solely on situational hilarity rather than game footage, Activision pulls an unprecedented move by dropping some dough in the licensing of AC/DC […]

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Tribes: Ascend Closed Beta Begins

A while back, I wrote about the five greatest innovations for the first person shooter genre over the years, and mentioned the Tribes series as a big name.  It’s no accident that the mention of that series came not long before the opening of the closed beta for the newest game in the series, Tribes: Ascend, which opened up November […]

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The MechWarrior Reboot

For the past month, the Inner Sphere News twitter feed has been providing small image fragments to the public, all hinting at a big announcement for the long-awaited MechWarrior Reboot that I wrote about this month.  Well, as October came to a close, we were finally promised the last image that would complete the information.  With each day, a couple […]

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Child’s Play Charity 2011 Kicks Off

 Back in 2003, the creators of the Penny Arcade web comic Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik founded Child’s Play after an editorial appeared maligning gamers as a whole.  The goal of the charity was simple: raise money for children’s hospitals to help their patients cope with their individual situations.  By donating new video games, toys, and cash to various hospitals, […]