PlayStation 1

Saints Row The Third Review

Firstly, sorry that the review is late. I have been far too busy killing endless poor pedestrians and rival gang members to a pulp with my extraordinary dildo bat… Yes.. A gigantic dildo bat that will literally knock you off your feet. Saints 3 not only has wacky weaponry, but it doesn’t take itself seriously at all throughout, and there […]

PlayStation 2

Review: Dead Rising 2: Off the Record

Dead Rising 2 put us in the shoes of Chuck Greene, the new protagonist, which fans soon asked “where is Frank West?” Well, Off the Record is the director’s cut version of the game Capcom gave us last year. Players will be playing as Frank West, the main protagonist from the first Dead Rising game. Off the Record is just […]

PlayStation 7

Super Street Fighter IV: Review

Street Fighter is back and its rolling back the years. So, when it comes to a update for Street Fighter, you know that Capcom has got brilliance. Anyone should have easily guessed that Super Street Fighter IV was on its way and its expanded from IV. Because Capcom took the decision to release SSFIV on a disc than downloadable content. […]

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Street Fighter: History Of

Street Fighter is 22 years old and has been on all the consoles you would like to name and a lot of merchandise from figurines, t-shirts and you pretty much get the picture. So what is it about Street Fighter? Which has captivated our hearts, beat your friends and random people across the net to a pulp by using the […]