Released alongside Laurie Strode, Decisive Strike is, as the name suggest one very decisive perk. The perk recently got changed (buffed or nerfed demanding how you use the perk) to bring it more in line with its intended purpos; a perk designed to counter a killer tunneling you.

What is Decisive Strike?

The perk is designed as a way for survivors to counter the tunneling killer playstyle. After being unhooked, for the next 60 seconds if you’re downed and picked up by the killer you’ll have the chance to perform a skill check stunning them for 5 seconds. Previously the perk worked the same, though the stun was much shorter. The increased stun, however, comes at a cost now. Now, any action that progresses the game forward, such as repairing, healing etc will now disable Decisive Strike. The intention of the change is to put it more in line with its primary focus, rather than a was to slow the game down.

When should you use Decisive Strike?

Decisive Strike is a great perk if you’re concerned about being tunneled. The perk servers no real purpose outside of that, and, ultimatly perks are best used when they fill a gap in your arsenal or defend you from a mechanic/playstyle you hate.

What perks go well with Decisive Strike?

You can really follow a simple formular. Decisive Strike is your defence/utlity perk, so possibly matching it up with an exhaustion perk, in this case Spring Burst might serve you well given the worry about being tunneled. If you’re playing solo queue bringing a perk like Bond or Kindred can always be a blessing if you’re worried about being left alone or just want info. Use the fourth spot to fill in a weakness in your play style or to aid with any challenges/daily rituals you might have.

How do I get Decisive Strike

Decisive Strike is found at level 40 on Laurie Stode. You can either buy her with Auric Cells or via the HALLOWEEN DLC alongside The Shape, Michael Myers.

How long does it take to unlock Decisive Strike?

You’ll be looking at sinking around 1 to 1.2 million Bloodpoints to get to level 40. This can be reduced if you focus mostly on brown and yellow rarity slots.

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