The latest Dead by Daylight killer, “The Trickster” has been revealed. We’ll take a look at his special ability, add-ons, and perks.

What is the Trickster’s Special Ability

Start the Trial with 60 Blades. Press and hold the Power button to wind up and enter the Throw State. While in the Throw State, tap the Attack button to throw a single Blade, or hold down the Attack button to unleash a flurry of Blades. Throwing a flurry of Blades increases control and throw rate, while decreasing Movement speed. Restock Blades at Lockers.

Laceration Meter:
A Survivor’s Laceration Meter increases each time they are hit by a Blade. Once the meter is filled (7 Blade Hits), the next Blade Hit will cause them to lose a Health State  putting them either into the Injured  or Dying State.

A Survivor’s Laceration Meter will gradually decrease if they have not been hit by a Blade for a short time.
Hitting a Survivor with Basic Attack will immediately deplete their Laceration Meter.

Each Blade Hit also fills the Event Meter.
Once full, Main Event can be activated by pressing the Ability button.
In this mode, The Trickster temporarily unleashes his full potential.

Wielding an unlimited number of Blades, his Throw rate is significantly increased and his Movement speed does not slow while in the Throw State.

The Trickster’s Perks


Your unmatched showmanship dazzles all.
Starstruck activates when you are carrying a Survivor.
Survivors within your Terror Radius  suffer from the Exposed  Status Effect for 20/25/30 seconds.
Starstruck cools down for 90 seconds once a Survivor is no longer carried.
No Way Out

A Hex that ensures those lesser than you are properly herded.
The Entity  blocks a Window  for 10/12/14 seconds after a Survivors performs a rushed vault through it.
The Hex effects persist as long as the related Hex Totem is standing.
Hex: Crowd Control

You’re not going to let just anyone into the VIP room.
For each of the Survivors you manage to hook, No Way Out gains a Token.
When the last Generator  is repaired, The Entity blocks both Exit Gate  Switches for 8/9/10 seconds per Token in your possession, up to a maximum of 32/36/40 seconds.

The Trickster’s Add-ons

Some add-ons gain or lose power based on rarity. The below list shows a rough idea of what most of the add-ons do. The Ultra Rare are unique and have no weaker variant.

Ultra Rare – More Lacerations based on distance – Each Blade hit increases the Laceration caused by Blades to a Max of 200% – Once a Blade misses, Lacerations are reset

Ultra Rare – When a survivor’s Laceration meter is one Blade hit from max, they get the exposed status. Filling the bar will not down them

Blades travel through survivors, subsequent hits by the same Blade do 50% as much

See the survivor’s aura when they are one away from maximum Laceration

Blades shatter when hitting the environment, dealing 50% of the damage to nearby survivors

The first blade will ricochet off environments, dealing 100% damage

Laceration AOE – causes your Blades to shatter hitting nearby survivor’s

Initial throw rate increase

Increase Survivor’s Laceration Meter decay rate

Increase movement speed while throwing

Increase the duration of Main Event

Increase Blades carry and start with more

Who is the new DBD Killer

From the Dead by Daylight Wiki:

Ji-Woon Hak thrived under the attention of others, energized by every eye that watched him and every tongue that spoke his name. Amidst the prestige, he had only one desire: more. Even as a child he found ways to draw crowds. Working at his family’s restaurant, he attracted business with spectacles he performed using throwing knives. Gullible tourists believed this was a traditional South Korean experience, gladly parting with their money to witness it. Ji-Woon’s father spent the restaurant’s earnings on dancing and vocal lessons for his son, pushing him to attain the fame he never could…” read the full Trickster lore here.

When is The Trickster released

The Trickster is out now across PC and console.

Yun-Jin Lee DBD Guide

For a guide on the new survivor, check out our guide here.


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