The latest Dead by Daylight survivor, Yun-Jin Lee has been revealed. We’ll take a look at her perks and how we might see them used.

Yun-Jin Lee DBD

Yun-Jin Lee Perks

Fast Track: Sometimes the sacrifice of others is necessary to get ahead. Whenever another Survivor is hooked, you gain 1/2/3 Token(s). You consume all Tokens after a Great Skill Check  on a Generator. Each Token consumed grants an additional Progression bonus of 1 % for Great Skill Checks when repairing Generators.

Smash Hit: When your rival makes a mistake, you seize the opportunity. After stunning the Killer with a Pallet  break into a sprint a 150 % of your normal running speed for a maximum of 3 seconds. Causes the Exhausted  Status Effect for 60/50/40 seconds. Smash Hit cannot be used when exhausted. You do not recover from Exhaustion while running.

Self-Preservation: Life’s unforgiving. The more confirmation you get of that, the more prepared you become. Whenever another Survivor within 12 metres of you is hit with a Basic or Special AttackSelf-Preservation activates. Your Scratch Marks  are hidden for 6/8/10 seconds.

How to use Yun-Jin Lee Perks

What is Fast Track?

Starting with Fast Track. It looks like a fairly useless perk on paper, however, with a few people using it we can see it causing some serious headache for the killer’s. The Perk is also one of the few in the game that directly benefit survivor’s generator repair speed. So whilst the perk itself isn’t that amazing, it might hint at more uses in the future.

What is Smash Hit?

Smash Hit brings a new exhaustion perk to Dead by Daylight. With this perk we get a hybrid of Lithe and Sprint Burst with a catch, you’ll need to stun the killer with a pallet to trigger it. Now, if we assume exhaustion perks are designed to get away from the killer in a chase, this seems like the ideal one. With the effect not triggering until you stun the killer, it should allow you to get some massive distance, even if the killer doesn’t break a pallet. Ultimately, it might even make the killer cease the chase, meaning you can recover it for later.

What is Self-Preservation?

Self-Preservation is going to be a very niche perk that might get some use. Most perks that benefit you at the expense of your team are frowned upon, though in this instance, it might just work. If you can imagine a situation that sees you and another survivor being caught out by a killer, maybe someone that likes to chain M1 attacks (possibly Legion). They’ll hit your friend, turn to chase you and find no scratch marks. At max rank this will hide your scratches for around 10 seconds, which is a fairly long period, especially if you get hit inside a busy area of the map. We don’t think it’s a perk that will get much use, however, it sees use in builds, and could be ideal in Altruism focused play styles.

And that’s it for Yun-Jin Lee. If you want more information about her accompanying killer “The Trickster” read our guide here.

Who is the new DBD Survivor?

From the official lore:

Resilient and ambitious, Yun-Jin was born into a life of hardship finding success in the music industry after years of effort and self-sacrifice.

As a child Yun-Jin was fascinated by sound, mimicking drums, and hitting keys on the piano. When she turned ten, however, she lost her instruments. Her family was heavily in debt and did not make the payments in time. The creditors took everything they owned, including the house. Yun-Jin held her four-year-old sister tightly as she cried. They moved into a windowless, two-bedroom basement. Since her parents worked day and night to pay their debt, Yun-Jin became her sister’s caretaker. Every night she sang until they both fell asleep.
” Read more about Yun-Jin Lee here.



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