The Xbox Game Pass has been an integral offering to the Xbox community, and we’ve seen many great titles making their debut on the platform. The games that we’ve seen so far making into the list ranges from triple-A titles to indie darlings. From action-packed games to atmospheric interactive stories. So, expect a good number of variations in genre and gameplay.  

Now amongst the big and sensationalized titles, you might miss out on hidden gems that could be an amazing gaming experience for you and your friends. It could be an older title or a title that somehow got buried under all the marketing done for bigger games. 

Some of these titles will be available later in March, so check them out. You might want to grab your Xbox Game Pass to access these games. So, let’s start off the list!  


Greedfall has a lot of things going for it. You’ll find a combination of spaghetti western blended with the Age of Colonization, and of course, magic. So, you can expect it to be a unique gaming experience. The game features an open-world RPG-style gameplay that closely resembles The Witcher series. You have tons of storylines and characters to interact with that provide intricate dialogue trees that really draw you into the game. 

There are classic character classes to choose from which could accommodate your suited playstyle. Greedfall did suffer some setbacks during its initial release, but the issues have been fixed with updates. All in all, Greedfall is an interesting game to check out. 

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice 

It feels like a disservice to describe Senua’s Sacrifice, as a video game. In fact, we would call it an interactive experience that presses deeply into heavy themes that are paired with realistic graphics. The game does feature game mechanics such as combat and puzzle-solving, but the main essence is Senua’s journey into madness. 

The storytelling is done in such a way to portray a broken human, processing her grief in a world that grows darker and grimmer. This is a game with whispers that distract you from your own reality. Senua’s Sacrifice is not for everyone, and if you’re looking for an entertaining and atmospheric experience, then try this game out!

Supraland (Available March 25) 

With the recent advancement of game engines and GPUs, games don’t necessarily need to look realistic. All you need is higher FPS and better-rendered environments. Just look at Supraland. It has Minecraft blocky characteristics, but more of a Zelda-like gameplay. Supraland features a first-person exploration game. You can explore, solve puzzles and engage in combat with NPCs around you. 

There will be times when the combat feels quite similar to the Doom series as you use your surroundings, launch a couple of explosive rounds, dodge, and use spells. Sure, the characters look like the restroom icon, but the dynamic lighting and texture rendering really packs a punch in terms of the overall game design. So you can forgive the basic-looking characters. This game promises a lot of silly fun!  

What Remains of Edith Finch 

Walking simulators used to be an insult to games, but over the years, they became synonymous with story-rich and atmospheric games. What Remains of Edith Finch features first-person gameplay where you control a character and explore a giant secluded mansion that was once the house of Finch. 

As the last remaining Finch, your character explores the lives of the other family members through her point of view when she was young. There’s a dark rumour that surrounds the circumstances of the family, and it is up to you to figure out how true it is. The game mainly features exploration, and each interactable item discloses a piece of a story. If you’re into light thriller games, this title just might fit the bill.  


March 2021 featured 20 Bethesda games coming to Game Pass, and buried beneath its bigger and newer titles, lies Dishonored. You play as a supernatural assassin bent on getting your revenge against those who’ve tried to frame you for the death of the Empress. Set in a steampunk-inspired era in London in what appears to be the turn of the century, Dishonored features interesting gameplay mechanics where you can get really creative in disposing your mark. 

Use various spells, unusual gadgets, and weapons to complete your mission. You’ll quickly find out that there are a million ways you could approach each mission. The game does have gory elements such as mutilation and death by a swarm of hungry rats. If you’re into figuring out creative combos and executing a perfect assassination on a level, then you might just want to get into this game.  

For The King 

It’s time for a fresh Co-op entry. After all, that’s what platforms do best. For The King is a turn-based combat game that features tabletop and roguelike elements with various interesting combat mechanics. The game looks quite simple and the cartoonish aesthetics might throw you off, but make no mistake. This game is challenging and has a learning curve before you get better at it. 

The developer has recently added different modes that feature different biomes, so that’s hours of new content. Get a couple of friends together and start adventuring away!

The Evil Within 

It wouldn’t be a recommendations list without having some horror titles in it, and it can’t better than The Evil Within. You have detectives, mass suicides in a mental hospital, a different dimension, and of course, a crazy chainsaw-wielding killer. The cherry on top of all of this? The game is directed by the same guy who did Resident Evil

So, expect very close encounters with monstrosities as you limp away from danger. The game is arranged by chapters which you need to complete to progress to the next one. Scavenge for supplies and decide whether to fight or run, because sometimes running is the better choice.  Remember, every bullet counts. Aim, and don’t miss.  

Monster Sanctuary

A Metroidvania monster-catching game is an interesting concept that most developers have yet to take advantage of, but here’s Monster Sanctuary, willing to try it out, and it works! You play as a newbie Monster Keeper, learning and trying to restore the balance of the surrounding regions with the help of your monsters. In this game, you use your monsters to explore.

For a pixel art game, the monsters are pretty well detailed with a wide range of attacks and elements to them, as well as the inclusion of multiple skill trees. Clearly, this game takes it further than Pokémon! Being a Metroid game, the ‘Dracula’s-castle-like’ map is explorable with treasures to be found and enemies to beat. 

Code Vein 

If you’ve always wanted to experience a post-apocalyptic dystopia but don’t want to live it (because well, death), then perhaps Code Vein is a good trial for you. An open-world action RPG set in a world where everyone has died by the Calamity or taken over by the Revenants – vampiric monsters stemming from a parasite in the heart.

If you’re down for a Souls-like gameplay, then this game was made for you. If not, you might want to look away. The game is brutal when it comes to combat, and provides its own unique spin to the Souls-like genre with the ability to switch classes/characters along the way and unique abilities employed by these characters. With an exciting storyline, several difficulty modes, and interesting twists, this game is not for the faint of heart.

Children Of Morta 

A little something for the roguelike fans, here we have Children of Morta. This game revolves around the Bergson family, which players will be able to control and switch around. As the game progresses, more family members could be unlocked in line with the story progression. There are a total of seven playable characters for players to take up.

Each family member will have their own unique ability which accommodates different playstyles. As these characters are leveled up, they grant improvements for themselves and other members of the family. As with roguelike tradition, surviving through dungeons of enemies, bosses, and monsters is essential. If you’re down for a game with a lot of familial themes, perhaps this is the game for you!

Void Bastards 

Alright, one for the science fiction space fans! Void Bastards is a first-person roguelike where you take charge of a prisoner as he scavenges through spaceships and fights enemies. Basically, these spaceships replace the traditional roguelike dungeons, and you’re scavenging for materials to fix your own ship. 

The cool thing is, when you die, you’re replaced by another prisoner. The sucky thing is you lose all the scavenged food, fuel, and ammo when you die, so you would have to scavenge for more. Your weapons, gadgets, and progress remain though, so you could just continue on.

Sum Up

Well, that’s a lot of hidden gems to try out when you get your hands on the Xbox Game Pass. If you already have a game pass, then perhaps you could give these games a try. Who knows, you might find a new game to get addicted to! 

Do let us know what games on the Xbox Game Pass that you think not many people have heard of down in the comments below. Who knows, it could spark a renewed interest in the community!

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