With crossplay enabled across PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and now Switch. Players are now able to play with their friends regardless of platform. In this guide we’ll give you all the info you need to play with your friends, regardless of platform.

What Platforms can crossplay

Crossplay is available on Steam, Microsoft Store, Stadia, Xbox One/S/X, PlayStation 4/5 and Nintendo Switch. The mobile version of Dead by Daylight is not included and operates as a separate title.

How do I invite my crossplay friends to a lobby

Load up a survivor or custom game lobby. Click the friends + tab. You’ll then need to search their Dead by Daylight ID (found under their Bloodpoints). Then simply add them to your game, and you’re away.

Can you turn off crossplay

You can turn crossplay on or off via the settings tab. If you have the setting turned off, a globe icon with a cross through it will appear on your HUD.

Is there cross progression from console to PC

The only form of cross progression right now is between Steam and Stadia. No support between the consoles and PC is currently supported. The developer has stated that they plan to add it at some point, however, no time frame was ever shared with the community.

Does Dead by Daylight feature crossplatform chat

Only players on PC platforms can talk in the chat, console players will not be able to. If you wish to use voice with friends on alternative platforms you should look to use Discord or similar software.

How can you tell if someone in DBD is crossplatform

Anyone on a different platform to you will have a globe logo next to their name. Regardless of what platform they’re on, you’ll only see the same logo. That way it’s harder for a PC player to spot a console lobby.

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