A Long Journey to an Uncertain End, the Space Opera management adventure from industry veterans Crispy Creative has been successful on Kickstarter. After asking for $40,000 in funding, the title ended up hitting $54,179 (135%) with 1,291 backers supporting the project.

The title is due to release in 2021 on PC alongside other platforms at a later date. The title is the brainchild of former Obsidian and Telltale Games veterans and looks to tell an LGBTQ+ Space Opera story. Blending elements of narrative adventure with management mechanics. The story will see a rag-tag group of scoundrels on the run from the space police. What makes A Long Journey different is that rather than playing as the crew, you’ll play the role of the ship. One thing that’s clear from the trailer alone is the amount of character on display without a single word of dialogue.

With the game breaking its initial funding target, the team were able to add two stretch goals. The first will see three new planet types added to the game; Chaos, Spice, and Gas Giant (though we hoped it was everything nice). The second stretch goal will see two new crew mates added to the crew — The “Robot” and another Mystery Crew member.

A demo of the game is available on Steam now, so you can try the game out before joining the crew fully later in 2021.

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