The latest DBD patch has hit the public test realm (PBE). Below is a full list of the changes. We also have the names of the new killer and survivor.

Overview of the patch:


4.6.0 UPDATE


We’ve made some changes to one of the most discussed perks. Decisive Strike will now deactivate if you repair a generator, heal yourself or another Survivor, unhook a Survivor, cleanse a totem or sabotage a hook.

The intent behind this change is to remove instances where a Survivor can make some sort of progress while being completely protected by the perk. With these changes, Decisive Strike remains active for 60 seconds so long as you are only evading the Killer, and the only person who can make it deactivate prematurely is you.

Quick FAQ: Another Survivor healing you will not deactivate your Decisive Strike.


The Wraith will be receiving a few more changes besides the ones we made with the previous Mid-Chapter:

  • Increased movement speed while cloaked from 5.09m/s to 6m/s
  • Decreased movement speed while uncloaking from 2.02m/s to 1.6m/s
  • Adjusted the Windstorm add-ons accordingly: Reduced movement speed bonus, removed uncloaking movement speed penalty

With these changes, The Wraith should be able to get around the map faster with less reliance on the Windstorm add-ons.


They grow up so fast. We’ve raised The Blight’s POV to better reflect where his head is. Proudly tower over windows that once blocked your view and assert your dominance.



With this Chapter release, we are adding colorblind modes to Dead by Daylight. You can find new settings in-game to switch between default, deuteranope, protanope, and tritanope modes. These settings subtly adjust colors to make them easier to see for some players. Colorblind modes are our first step in increasing the accessibility of the game.

We have also added a chat filter to the game. This filter will act as an additional line of defense ensuring that you don’t need to see inappropriate messages in the first place. Our support team will continue reviewing chat reports as we have done in the past to make sure that players who are breaking the rules are punished accordingly. Although offensive terms will be filtered for you, our team has access to uncensored chat logs, and we encourage you to continue reporting any messages you feel may have been inappropriate.

For more details on both colour-blind modes and the chat filter, check out this article:



In the past, we’ve consistently shipped one or two graphically updated realms with each major release. We planned to continue this trend with another realm rework in this update, but unfortunately this next realm would not be ready in time for this Chapter. Rather than releasing what we have, we decided to postpone the next map update until it is ready. Our goal is to ensure that all graphical updates we release are up to our standards before we unleash them into the wild.

Work on the next graphical update is well underway, and you can look forward to seeing it in a future update.


In the 4.5.2 bugfix patch, we made some changes to the HUD with regards to your feedback. Discussions surrounding the feedback we’ve received are still ongoing, and we hope to share more with you soon.


Also in 4.5.2, we made some changes to Survivor movement animations to make them feel more familiar to long-time players, notably by removing some of the transitions between animations. Going forward, we’ll work on polishing some of these animations, including the idle and injured running animations.

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