After a buff in patch 4.5.0 and inclusion in the preceding week’s Shrine, Diversion is a perk with some potential but is it just a gimmick or can the perk play a key role in a survivors’ victory?

What is Diversion?

As you can see above, Diversion is a distraction perk. Ideally used to throw the killer off your scent. Changes in 4.5.0 made the perk much more useable as it now activates faster and distracts at a longer range.

When should you use Diversion?

Diversion isn’t a meta perk and based on how the perk works it never will be. That said, it has a use in the same way that Deception has a use. Killers won’t expect it to be used (unless it was in the Shrine that week) so it does work to create a good diversion if used correctly.

Best practice would see you use Diversion when either the killer is in a chase with someone else (remember, you cannot use the perk if you’re in a chase) or as a diversion to draw the killer away from a gen that’s about to pop or from healing teammates.

What perks go well with Diversion?

The perk is best used as a “bonus” perk alongside a stronger build. Match it with something to help you in a chase, something to keep you alive and maybe some utility if you play soloq like Kindred. Diversion doesn’t really fit in a “meta” build like some other perks, though it could be used to sub out something more meta. We see it as a fun perk that might freshen the game up.

How do I unlock Diversion?

To unlock the perk you’ll need to level up Adam Francis to level 30 before it can be unlocked across all survivors. Otherwise, you can simply wait for it to appear in the Shrine.

How long does it take to unlock Diversion?

To get from 1-30, it will cost you between 700,000 to 900,000 bloodpoints. So just shy of one full cap load.

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