Graffity has launched the US pre-registration for upcoming AR hero shooter game Leap Trigger. Set to release this spring for iOS and Android devices in the US, Leap Trigger is a free-to-play game combining PvP with mystical and man-made “buddies”. Players can become “champions”, gain unique abilities and fight enemies alongside buddies. Starting today, players who pre-register for Leap Trigger will receive a notification when the game launches.

Pre-Registration Links:
Google Play (Android)
App Store (iOS)

Leap Trigger’s Key Features:

  • Play with Friends In-Person and Online: Expand your battlefield at home, in the park or at school and show ’em what you’re made of! You can play with friends not only in person but also online.
  • AR Shooter Game with a Unique Twist: Become a champion with unique abilities and fight alongside three buddies, including a mystical monster and a man-made drone.
  • A Game that Makes it Fun to Move: Use your body to avoid the opponent’s bullets and hit opponents with ultimate skills from advantageous positions.
  • Stack Your Deck and Fight Strategically: Build your deck with one champion and three buddies to start the battle. There are three types of roles that buddies can take on: striker, defender and jammer, each of which has unique strengths and weaknesses. Understand the play style of your opponent and summon buddies that will support you the most. 

In early February, Graffity successfully completed its Kickstarter campaign for Leap Trigger, having achieved its target of securing $13,000 USD from 196 backers.

The game is compatible with iPhone 6s devices or later, and ARCore compatible devices.

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