The Alan Wake series is as strange and backward as the world on which it is based. After the first game came out, not without a truckload of promotional extras to try and get as much attention as they could, the game just sort of vanished. There were those two DLCs sure, but after the web series and books that accompanied the main game’s release, it all seemed kind of muted. Anyway, after the main game ended on a cliff hanger, the developers promised that the story would be continued in DLC.

This DLC would bridge the gap between the end of the first game and the eventual second Alan Wake title. Well, it finally looks like the second stand alone Alan Wake title is on the horizon, but it’s just not in a form that we might have expected.

The new title, called Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, is a standalone title to be released on the Xbox Live Arcade. It features Alan’s continued journey through the world of darkness that is featured in the two DLC packages and his attempted escape with the help of Thomas Zane.

Amongst the flare guns and hilarious product placement of the first game, there were numerous televisions showing episodes of ‘Night Springs’, the Alan Wake version of the Twilight zone. An early promotional image for this game released last month showed that location being somewhere near wherever Alan was, meaning that this game taking place in a Twilight Zone inspired town is a likely possibility.

American Nightmare delves deep into the slight ‘offness’ of everything in the realm of darkness and kicks it up a notch. Alan continues to fight the metaphor that is Mr. Scratch in a world that can change at the drop of a hat. One of the most interesting things about the DLC for the first game was that there really were no rules, anything could happen and the developers had fun with that.

The gameplay looks almost identical to the previous game, so fans of the style don’t have to fear any drastic changes. Although Alan seems much better equipped this time around as he seems to be holding an Uzi looking sub-machinegun throughout the entire trailer. Whether this game really is the sequel that will get Alan out of the weird place of darkness he has found himself it, or it is just Remedy wasting more time because they don’t know where the series is going is yet to be seen.

Either way, I liked Alan Wake, and it’s glad to see the series returning in some shape or form. There has been no release date announced yet either, so keep those eye peelers on standby.

Alan's been shopping, I'll miss those elbow patches.


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