Today, has been a busy day for Nintendo. The increasing of sales of the Nintendo 3DS, Shigeru Miyamoto taking a step back and the fifth anniversary of the Nintendo Wii in Europe. Seems to me Nintendo are very busy with the Christmas period getting into full swing (near enough). Going by reports from MCV talking to the GAME Group and other retailers – plus supermarkets saying, that they have more than adequate stock of the Nintendo 3DS – reassuring customers that they will be able to get a 3DS for this Christmas. So, no Wii launch catastrophe ahead? Those that didn’t pre-ordered was very lucky to obtain a Wii for when it first launched. Of course this is a different story, as the Nintendo 3DS launched in the UK earlier this year. I contemplated to get a 3DS from the very start – as it was the line-up of games which made me reconsider time & time again.

The opportunity arised in the summer to get a 3DS with a copy of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I was jumping for joy to get one, but alas reality hit home, as there was more to life than just playing games all the time. That reality moment struck me very hard, and in fact, made me have a better outlook for games in the future. Another opportunity came my way last month, and that hit a green shell, due to car insurance payment being taking out of the bank account without permission.

Less of the ‘could have been’s’ and let’s focus on tomorrow, where I am more than 100% certain to finally be getting a 3DS. Nintendo have released some cracking games this last quarter. Star Fox 64 back in September, Super Mario Land 3D, LoZ: Skyward Sword for the Wii (review is in the works!) and Mario Kart 7 all but just recently. LoZ: OoT is another title, yet released back in the summer to give the 3DS more momentum, which in effect did pick up & including the price cut. Mario is definitely bringing home the Christmas pudding for Nintendo this year. Why? With brilliant review scores across the board for Mario’s first outing on the 3DS, and people literally talking about the greatness of the games plus the 3DS. This will drive people to look into the 3DS and see what is on offer. I can tell you now that I don’t know exactly everything about the 3DS and it’s features. When I do obtain a 3DS. I want the excitement to go exploring with the handheld and experience new things, which we gamers like to experience is it not?

I know that Nintendo have dropped the ludicrous Wii code and game codes to play against friends, with a more simplified way of interacting over the Nintendo online capabilities – which I hope Nintendo will introduce in the Wii U. Mario Kart 7 is paving the way to glory for me personally. I’m a big fan of the Mario Kart games, and playing a demo of the game back in September at GAMEfest. I knew back then I needed a 3DS more than anything this year. Next year is looking bright for the 3DS with titles such as Paper Mario, Luigi’s Mansion 2 and Kid Icarus: Uprising. All we need now is a Metroid adventure and Smash Bros plus a new Pokemon adventure to blast the Nintendo roof further into orbit and probably out of the Milky Way galaxy. Not only the official 3DS games but what about the freebies? LoZ: Four Swords Anniversary edition which is free to download till February next year. The lucky Nintendo Ambassador’s and the current – register two 3DS games on Club Nintendo to get the classic Kid Icarus game.

Getting awesome games and classic games for free is like a wet dream come true for any Nintendo fan. Looking away from Nintendo and briefly having a glimpse at the competitors. Games such as; Skyrim, MW3 are two examples which will be on top of many gamer’s Christmas lists. The likes of Mario is attractive package for the 3DS at such a time. Mario will no doubt be the engine of success for the 3DS this Christmas, and this is why I believe the 3DS will be on top for everybody. The only worry now, can Santa deliver all of these 3DS’s?


    • I’m awaiting E3 for more showing of the Wii U. The videos that were shown at this year’s E3 was pretty good, especially the Zelda tech demo. The other point worth knowing – is Nintendo are going to be supporting third party support a lot more. Extra buck for their wallet and they should of done that with the Cube if I am honest.

      I got the 3DS yesterday with MK7 & Super Mario 3D Land. I have StarFox 64 3DS & LoZ: OoT 3DS potentially arriving today. I’ll shall be cosy for this Christmas. So far I am very impressed by the 3DS, and I am more delighted that I bought one now than say launch, just because of the games.

  1. I’m looking forward to the Wii-U too, although Nintendo haven’t been talking about it anywhere near as much as I’d expected them to since it’s announcement. I’m looking forward to seeing a HD version of Skyward Sword, because that ‘HAS’ to happen in my opinion.

    I got a 3DS a couple of months ago, Spent most of the past few days playing Metroid 2… I’m so bored of Mario Kart, I own it 4 times already, I don’t think I need to buy it again. OoT3D was good though.

  2. Kinect is Project Natal. Microsoft just changed the name of it to Kinect. Yes they made Project Natal to work on ALL 360s so ppoele wouldnt have to go out and buy a new system. Thats more than likely why Natal won’t cost as much as a new system would.

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