Iphones have become popular due to their many features and clever apps. Even with
all the capabilities of the iPhone, most of the time you only hear about the most popular
games being played at the time. With that said, today we present to you the five most
addictive games for the iPhone.

Angry Birds

Sometimes the simples concepts are the most popular. Take a bird and flick it towards
towers to demolish them. Such is the concept behind one of the best-selling apps of all
time. We would say that we’re surprised such a simple app is the best-selling app, but
then again Jackass 3D was the #1 movie in America when it came out.

Apple Texas Hold’em

Online casino fans flocked to Apple Texas Hold’em. A game that takes minutes to
learn and a lifetime to master seemed perfect for the iPhone. Users get to play against
numerous computer opponents while trying to pick up on their tells and betting patterns.

Diamond Twister Lite

Very similar to Bejeweled, you line up 3 or more identical diamonds to score points. The
more you clear at a time, the better the score. There are 8 game modes and 64 levels on
this game, giving hours and hours of enjoyment.

Doodle Jump

A simple jumping game with simple graphics, this game would be the most popular of
all-time if not for Angry Birds. Jump as high as you can without dying is the concept.
With content regularly added, players keep flocking back for more.

Parachute Panic

Save the stick men from getting eaten by sharks is the concept of this iPhone game. You
start with crumpled paper and try to save the parachuting stick men by landing them on
the boat. If you land in the water, you’re shark food. The upside to being eaten is that the
Game Over music is cute.


    • Hi again Dayna,I spent some time yesterday at the Apple store Genius Bar to see how to make the iPad work bteetr for V. They were awesome! My daughter has good dexterity, but drags her fingers and was frustrated because she’d lose the page before she could find the area she wanted to hit plus a few other things. The Genius changed some settings resolving those issues, I can’t wait to see if this makes it more usable for her. I decided that it would be a good idea to go in regularly and address frustrations V has, the iPad has so much functionality built in and it’s so quick for the experts to find solutions to specific problems. This is a free service. Maybe there are some setting changes that can be made to help your son use the iPad easier?

  1. crugga Refined, smooth, feels nice in the hand, clsasy, tasteful and a solid investment.Personally ive not used another phone since the first Iphone dropped but I imagine comparing anything else to the 4s is like comparing a Subaru to a BMW. Sure the Subaru has got bigger numbers and goes very fast but you wouldn’t wanna drive it.4s is an amazing phone, if youve got a 3gs get upgraded now, you’ll love it.January 4, 2012 | 4:57 am

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