Bioware have been busy. With the highly anticipated Star Ware: The Old Republic MMO now within grasping distance and the (also highly anticipated) final part of the Mass Effect trilogy out early next year, fans of Dragon Age will be wondering if their third instalment is going to get any love. Well, not from me because Bioware have made an announcement saying that they’ve got a brand new game in the works which will be fully unveiled at the Video Game Awards, which will be on Spike TV on the 9th of December.

While the announcement has yet to be made, they have been gracious enough to share a couple of valuable seconds of game footage with the public.

Looks like a contemporary setting
These two pictures really do sum up pretty much everything we're shown

There is already a ton of speculation online as to what the new game might be. Despite the very limited promotional material that has been released with the game some writer are already throwing their guesses into the mix and calling the game a long lost sequel or even a remake. Blind speculation, however, is not my style. While Bioware have become known for their RPGs, there is something distinctly un-role playie about what we have seen about this game so far.

In fact, based on the promotional image at the top and the very short clip shown afterwards, I have no idea what to expect from them considering they look like they’re from completely different games. I suppose we’re all going to have to just wait and see what they come up with in what looks like it might be the first game produced by Bioware without a heavy Science Fiction or Fantasy setting.

Guess we’ll just have to tune in December 9th


  1. For some reason my WordPress inlstal decided to stop sending me comment notification e-mails. Sorry about that guys, guess I didn’t realize people had actually found this post. Then I looked and saw that it’s the first Google hit for ME2 and the G13. I had some issues with IIS7 and trying to serve up the .lgp file for the profile I made. I’ll make another post and just host the file somewhere else and link it. Should be up pretty soon.

    • he make’s the reaper, who hneppas to make him, he’s a hologram, the reapers come from another galaxy or just dead space, he stop war with organics and sythetics but says killing them with (his) is a better way to die, he also probably has indocrined organic zombies with implants to kill whatever he says so he sends organics to kill each other sorta when it was just organic vs robot, when he meets the child i’m thinking maybe he’s weak so yeah give him a break but sheperd your bodys dead but you can move your mouth and paragon or renegade chat your way to get the kid to stop, his belief to kill everyone hence killing everyone stops war even though organics/sythetic fought for freedom from them, 3 games provides enough stuff about saying organics and robots can get along, he just hneppas to buy the child crap and forget why he had to stop the quarian/geth war that ends in peace, the relays will kill hundreds and planets and the relay also could have killed the fleet he needed to fight the reapers, when you have the red ending, it means it kills anything electrical or something so wouldn’t everyone sorta restart for a while or die off, it was basically a emp with an explosion mixed in, the childs plan to end war is totally flawed anyone can tell there’s a good dent in it, what if there is no war EDI didn’t go crazy and the geth were nice again their practically the only sythetics in their galaxy so if theirs no way against anyone (hey i came here for a reason so i’ll shoot them anyway, he wants to prevent it but his method is stupid it says he prevents war be attacking organics with sythetics he just breaks the method and starts a war with organics and sythetics anyone) he is stupid, self centered or something saying his way of dieing is better than dieing especially when there could be a way to end peacefully (geth/quarians) instead of fighting a losing war getting obliterated, without the protheans they be totally screwed, he claims to stop sythetics from killing organics but does it himself, also armor is retarded, so a bullet can supposely pierce Ashley’s battle armor but when she insults miranda swimsuit armor they both can get shot just as easily, They don’t invent anything new though in mass effect 3, might be wrong they change the ammo type, turn it into biotic bullets like in mass effect 2, make it explosion or something, or they decide to attack the reapers or in mass effect 1 head on they don’t decide to divide their fleet to attack them on different sides or when the geth get as smart as the reapers i repeat as smart as them don’t make them upgrade their weapons and ships to compete with the reapers and have giants ships charging in their slow as hell and can get shot with a laser and hundreds will die we don’t care or don’t decide to be smart. the endings are retarded casey says it’s different don’t say crap about what happened from that point on about your friends and the other races so the colors and some weird effect is on each one dude cause their a little different doesn’t mean crap atleast tell us what hneppas to everyone, the explosion knocks out the normandy the best ship ever is guess so if it dies so shouldn’t the fleet be left in floating space someday dieing unless they fix a ultimate weapon to kill sythenics or that some the races use tech to live example quarians can’t live without it and haven’t adapted to the environment for crap, so even if you help the geth or they go into the ultimate battle even with some on a random flotilla location won’t they die anyway, the normandy in mass effect 2 had a huge laser cannon that may be pretty good gun against laser using reapers that the turians don’t use but make so only sheperd uses, who cares about money and crap when your basically stareing death and you have friends that could help you care about themselves and money dude your going to die so you care about that instead of taking away the threat and your own life, but the reapers happen to have practically no weaknesses and giant lasers so if their smart attack with your freaking lasers and attack with superior tactics the geth destroys the quarians in 10 seconds and they don’t even have all the tech they have but are smart enough to make themselves and the reapers can’t beat the big fleet you gathered together and still lose even with the superior weapons and brains thats a pretty big handicap and still loses, The council are stupid 3 games of denying the reaper threat and sure you have to save your race first and you could have killed or help their fleet but if you weren’t there in the 1st game sheperd wouldn’t have saved your asses, so stop being such high and mighty losers and say sheperd was right and we will follow you and give our lives for you and etc, when the final battle starts and in the end everyone’s there and all and you fight with 3 people in a squad but your squad stays on the ship and thinking hey we weren’t prepared so we’re scared, your old crew from the 1st and 2nd games fought and all they did is nothing and the only survivor of the protheans says he won’t fight for his race or the crew won’t fight on the front lines at least crap you can make the crazed tortured prisoner Jack the biotic make biotic fields to protect the troops instead of her and the students charging in smashing thru, that loyalty thing with everyone sure they need to mentally prepared to die but you did whatever your crew wanted and they won’t help so what was the point or why are they even in the crew, EDI also hneppas to survive even though the relay explosion should kill anything electrical or whatever, the eden like planet they just happen to land on a planet trying to evade an super big explosion by going to the edge and beyond of the galaxy and crash lands, that seems good for them but the odds of them just happening to land on a eden like planet and sheperd dies alone the war needs some deaths but only sheperd and some random guys you don’t know but your friends happen not to die even though crashing in a half broken ship and others fighting on the front lines and they don’t get shot or anything in the end, so your the hero so you die i guess but everyone lives except you no one in your entire crew dies during the battle besides some like thane i guess during the huge war. Your thing where your squad teleports you can go and see them bleeding and if joker does that he abandons you and pick up a dead person and don’t drop anything to help sheperd,the endings isn’t the red ending the only way the relays and the prothean weapon i forget name it will explode like the blue ending says you control the reapers now do you have to explode and do you really need the relays sorta spreading your command on the reapers to stop, the god child can say reapers stop and they will do it right since he is them or whatever yet when the kid says the reapers will follow you the relay need to explode you can’t go reapers stop now cause i say so you stupid killing reapers. What’s the point of fighting, well with a low EMS the red explosion the relays would have killed everyone your squad the fleet and making it destroy robots everyone should die anyway no matter what, the ending they could have showed what the war assets does i mean so in the end i guess they happen to survive the sucide mission i mean everyone survived and not one died or your romanced person doesn’t have a kid or anything if your a guy and straight atleast replace the grandpa and kid saying the sheperd ( makes him sound like a dog that saves everyone) with some love interest with them saying tell me about dad again or something on earth in the wicked battle or years later or on the eden like planet, and if they abandons their sheperd i would say you bitch don’t do the adam and eve crap someone will rescue you what about the relationship with sheperd you throw it away like a piece of shit, The laser that kills you is a laser it should disintegrate you but everyone’s body is still there and your the only one still they sorta burnt and lost his armor or something everyone yeah i guess they might have too but still, when the laser hits you theres still a good distance between you and you happen to fly closer to the teleporter thing or that they don’t have a couple other guys or your crew to come and help you along or do the thing and it’s the thing that will save your ass don’t have a secondary squad of guys and that or i’m wrong that anderson hneppas to sneak in untouched but still almost indocterined no gun into the teleporter and no one else goes with him i mean un touched no one hneppas to move with him maybe even faster than the old guy, sorry if i repeated anything and that it’s so freaking long

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