One of the hidden gems of the last few years.

Numbers show that if you’re like most people you missed out on purchasing the light vs dark thriller that was Alan Wake. It was a game a half decade in production but unlike other games that spent that long in development it was actually a very good game when it came out. If you did miss it Alan Wake was a story about a writer with a terrible case of writers block, when he and his wife go to a small mountain town called Bright Falls to get away from work and the city his wife is taken away by an unseen force and Alan awakens a week later in a car crash with no memory of how he got there, the story only gets worse when he starts being attacked by people that are seemingly wrapped in shadows and starts to find pages from a book that he wrote about himself and even worse is that it’s all coming true.

The story was played out like a television series with 6 episodes in the game that told an amazing story with memorable characters, brilliant one liners, twists that were interesting, and was one of my favorite games of all last year. The ending however was kind of a cliffhanger in a way, it served as an ending but there were still so many questions left unanswered and as weeks and months went by and Alan Wakes numbers were not earth shattering the hopes for a sequel were looking slim. Despite that I have spent hours upon hours looking at the Remedy site and forums looking for any news and lo and behold news has arrived.

A few days ago Remedy put out a notice that at the Spike Video Game Awards they would make the official announcement about the new Alan Wake game. First thing I did was, of course, hit the Remedy forums for confirmation and details and thus I have learned the following information. The game will be an XBLA release and is not Alan Wake 2, I don’t know if that means that it’s a spin off or something like but they have been very clear that it is NOT Alan Wake 2 but honestly any Alan Wake news is good news to someone like me. After this announcement they released a screenshot and a teaser trailer the latter of which I will post below. I will also update either this page or make a new report December 11th the day after the Spike VGAs with all their announcement details.

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