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Blizzard Makes Using Multi-Boxing Tools in World of Warcraft a Bannable Offense in new EULA Update

A recent policy change in the World of Warcraft EULA has made the long-standing practice of multi-boxing or mirroring against the Blizzard terms of service. This new change, effective immediately […]

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UPDATE: Classic TBC to Launch June 1st

UPDATE: World of Warcraft®: Burning Crusade Classic will launch in the Americas, Europe, Taiwan, Korea, and Australia/New Zealand at the same time. Wherever you live and whatever path you choose […]

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Blizzard Suspend Classic WoW Transfers as They Prepare for TBC Classic

It looks like the TBC Classic pre-patch is soon to arrive, as Blizzard will close paid character transfers at the end of April to prepare for the new “cloning” system. […]

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RuneScape Gets New 20th Anniversary Storyline

As part of the year-long anniversary, the “Once Upon a Time: Flashback”, the second part of the event, will send players on a journey to RuneScape’s past. In Flashback, the […]

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Dead by Daylight New Killer “The Trickster” Revealed – The Trickster DBD Guide

The latest Dead by Daylight killer, “The Trickster” has been revealed. We’ll take a look at his special ability, add-ons, and perks. What is the Trickster’s Special Ability SHOWSTOPPER:Start the […]

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Dead by Daylight New Survivor Yun-Jin Lee Revealed – Yun-Jin Lee DBD Guide

The latest Dead by Daylight survivor, Yun-Jin Lee has been revealed. We’ll take a look at her perks and how we might see them used. Yun-Jin Lee Perks Fast Track: […]

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Hidden Gems on The Xbox Game Pass

The Xbox Game Pass has been an integral offering to the Xbox community, and we’ve seen many great titles making their debut on the platform. The games that we’ve seen so far making into the list ranges from triple-A titles to indie darlings. From action-packed games to atmospheric interactive stories. So, expect a good number of variations in genre and gameplay.