Dead Island The book: Zombie enough for you?

Dead Island

Sun, sea, a great view and flesh-eating zombies! Does this sound like the holiday of a lifetime? 

You’ve played the game but does it feel like you’ve actually experienced the whole package? No! Well it’s about time you did, with Dead Island The Book you don’t have to be the one hacking the zombies body parts off. Reading about the adventure Sam B, Purna, Logan Carter and Xian Mei are dropped into is just as good as playing as one of them especially for those who panic at video games, even though the story is told differently in the book.

Mark Morris takes you into the adventure itself  making sure you get the whole experience so far by giving you all the details and proving that throwing 4 strangers together in a zombie apocalypse really does work! So why don’t you sit down with a cup of tea and Dead Island, take yourself through the journey of hacking zombies heads off, going on missions, saving people, hacking some more zombie limbs off and trying to reach the final destination. Morris starts off with telling you how the gang met and exactly why they were given a mysterious yet  tempting two-week holiday to the beautiful Island of Banoi, located off the coast of Papua New Guinea where it really is sun, sea and beaches, then progressing onto to the real action.

Unlike the game the four characters stick together the whole way through the book starting off with Sam, Purna and Logan meeting at their rooms after a phone call from a mysterious source who contacted them due to them being immune to the virus they would soon go against. They soon meet up with Xian Mei and a man called Sinamoi who was the head life guard of Palms Resort hotel who was contacted by the mysterious caller who is later revealed as Ryder White who needed the four to make a vaccine to save his wife who caught the virus. Sam, Purna and Xian Mei later leave Logan in the care of Sinamoi after being bitten by a member of staff from the hotel. The three of them go out and look for supplies only to come back with another addition to the group, Jin the daughter of a mechanic who was bitten. They soon leave Sinamoi only to face much more of a challenge trying to get to the prison. So just let the words take you on the holiday of a lifetime!

Would you believe me if I said it all gets better? Well it does, it’s been released on September the 27 th, 2011  that Lionsgate announced that they acquired rights to make a movie based on the game which is being produced by Sean Daniel the man who brought you The Mummy franchise and Rat Race.

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Personal rating of the book 8.5/10


– TammieEatsWorld 

    • Jose Moreno
    • December 7th, 2011

    Is the book full of suspense?

      • TammieEatsWorld
      • December 11th, 2011

      It is but it isn’t at the same time at parts you just know what is going to happen

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