Dead Island Review: Peaceful, Tranquil, and Successful

View of Dead Island Resort Area

Relax, Stay awhile.

Relax and clear your mind, take a trip to the incredibly beautiful island of Banoi, located off the coast of Papua New Guinea. Stay in the extravagant Palms Resort, where dreams come true and the party never stops. New surprises await you at every corner featuring celebrities and a population of very colorful natives, what could possibly go wrong? A zombie outbreak of course!

Welcome to Dead Island, a luscious beautiful island infested with zombies of all sizes, big, small they’ve got them all! Ever since the very emotional cinematic trailer was released, this game has been hyped up to be “A bloody good time!” – GameInformer, and “Best zombie game ever made!” –, and it sure well deserves it. Developer, Techland, made us wait for a long time but they really nailed it.

Xian and Zombies

Here is Xian and her friends.

Based on melee combat, this game features hundreds of weapons for you to bash zombie’s heads in, slice zombie arms and even tenderize their meat. This game also features many modification blueprints so you can build your weapon into the ultimate zombie killing machine. Along with some rifles, shotguns, and pistols (your everyday zombie needs) comes vehicles with the capability to carry large items and even three passengers. It also features talent trees and levels to add a RPG aspect to the game. As you progress through the game completing quest by quest, you will level up, making you more powerful and allowing you to use higher level weapons. Now as you level, zombies level with you, to make the playing field even that is. Each character, being unique with special skills and talent trees, leads to a new perspective on each play through of the game and is all based on how the player wants to play. Fury is an activated skill after spending one point in the Fury Talent Tree and racking up kills throughout the game to fill up your Fury Meter.

Zombie Headshot

Domestic violence is not tolerated in Banoi.

There are 4 playable characters in the game each with unique Fury attacks:

Logan Carter – Former NFL star and surfer, Logan is the Jack-Of-All trades class, a throwing expert with standard health, speed and stamina. His Fury Mode Attack is unlimited throwing knives at a fast rate, if you level up the Fury Tree enough you can get instant kills and even attack 4 targets at once, now that’s a lot of zombie killing!

Purna – A bodyguard with an attitude, Purna is a firearms expert, pretty useless within the beginning of the game where there are no weapons but deeper into the story she will give more bang for her buck with her Fury Skill. Her Fury Skill consists of one revolver and unlimited ammo (for a short amount of time of course). She is yet another standard character with a bit more stamina than Logan.

Sam B – A furious one hit wonder rapper who ruled the streets of New Orleans, Sam B is the man with the plan. Being the tank character of the game, he boasts an above average health, speed and stamina. Being the blunt expert that he is, using his Fury Skill gets his enemies high (in the sky that is) using his deadly brass knuckles to cause deadly damage with his haymakers, Sam B is the guy for the job if you really want to solo the game.

Xian Mei – Undercover Hong Kong Police Officer as an employee at the Royal Palms Resort? That’s Xian! Fast, agile and an expert at sharp weapons, Xian has below average health but her stamina makes up for it. Don’t get her mad though because her Fury Skill will put a smile on your face, her deadly knife with rapid swings and massive damage makes her Fury Skill a fast zombie clearer, this girl is perfect for those who like fast and up close fights within the game.

Dead Island View with Sam B

Sam B is really taking it all in.

Along with a collection of weapons and a cast of heroes, this game has amazing graphics unseen by any other game to this date and a player grabbing story. Beautiful realism is everywhere from the trees to the streets you will never want to blink as you remain fascinated by such artistic work and never-ending scenery. The zombies themselves have three layers of reality built-in them, from human to torn flesh, flesh to muscle and then muscle to burned skin and bones. All this detail with a story to find the truth about the government and the outbreak of zombies makes one fantastic game, Dead Island delivers what you’ve always wanted.

This game will have you running non-stop, trust me. There are three main areas all with which free roam is enabled. You first start off in the resort area, alongside the beaches of Banoi and local huts for the natives, lies patches of trees and bunkers for “safety”. This area is incredibly large, with so much to explore and many zombies to kill. Playing the game for the first time will make any player think this map is where you are going to be the entire story but it’s only one-fourth of the size of the game itself!

 The next area is the dangerous city of Moresby. Somewhat of a shantytown with dark alleys in every corner, rooftops to jump across and sewers to keep the city clean, this city will test your acrobatic abilities, speed and skill in zombie killing.

Third and final “free roam” area is the vast Jungle of Banoi. Attacked by zombies and ransacked by soldiers, the Jungle has been through it all. With endless nooks and crannies in the river village creeping with zombies and gorgeous waterfalls infested by the flesh eaters, this Jungle will keep your eyes turning for a long time. One of the most busiest and dangerous areas of the game, Jungle will keep you at the edge of your seat while you fend off the zombie horde that attacks from every square inch of this map.

The other areas of Dead Island are indoors, not as big as main areas but still enough to keep you busy. These areas include Laboratories, Sewage Passes, abandoned houses and even City Hall!


How do I kill this thing?!

When you start, you get a rundown of the game controls, different at first but play for a couple of minutes and you will feel right at home as Dead Island makes sure of it. With two different fighting styles, Dead Island adapts to the user. The first fighting style is the simple trigger pull to attack method, the second on the other hand is more of the EA Fight Night analog fighting style, where you have to move the analog in the way you want to swing at your enemies. However you decide to play, this game will make your day.

Last but not least, Co-Op play. Four player online Co-Op lets you kill zombies with some buddies. Co-Op also allows you to trade weapons and items with your teammates, yes that means if you preordered but your friend didn’t, he can still get The Ripper. With smooth Co-Op integration you can join a friend’s game without lagging his session. With different characters come different abilities as well as different play styles and ways to support your friends online in Co-Op, Of course when someone joins your game the zombie count will double so watch your back.


Co-Op till you drop!

The zombie game everyone has been asking for, Dead Island, suits up to its hype and distributes everything a zombie lover could want. Alongside with some areas of too difficult single player and multi player release bugs, Dead Island gets an


– DubiousGamer

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