Street Fighter: History Of

Street Fighter is 22 years old and has been on all the consoles you would like to name and a lot of merchandise from figurines, t-shirts and you pretty much get the picture. So what is it about Street Fighter? Which has captivated our hearts, beat your friends and random people across the net to a pulp by using the Ken flowchart.

We begin with Street Fighter 1. Street Fighter made its debut in the arcades in 1987 and it was designed by Takashi Nishiyama and Hiroshi Matsumoto. You could take control of two characters; Ryu and Ken. You competed in a worldwide martial art tournament which spanned to 5 other countries and 10 opponents to go up against. Street Fighter was ported to the PC, released on a TurboGrafx-CD and released under a new name ‘Fighting Street’. Capcom added Street Fighter to their Capcom Classics Collection: Remixed for the PSP and Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 2 for the Playstation 2 and Xbox.

footage of Street Fighter:

Street Fighter II, released in 1991 was the sequel to the somewhat disappointed first attempt of the Street Fighter franchise. Street Fighter II had colourful characters, special moves and made a lot of parents to depart some of their well-earned cash to quiet their children down. The first time I played Street Fighter II was on the megadrive, and Street Fighter II spanned onto Super, Hyper, Champion. I found it hard to perform a Dragonpunch or tried a spinning piledriver which Zangief does, which takes a considerable amount of health of you (at the time I thought it did). My favourite character from Street Fighter II would have to be Ryu and with more sequels coming from Capcom. New characters came into the game and I like quite a few characters. The success of Street Fighter II and the updates, produced a film in 1994 witch starred Jean Claude Van Dam as (Guile), Raul Julia (Bison) and Kylie Minogue (Cammy) and Wes Studi playing (Sagat).

footage of Street Fighter II:

Street Fighter Film + tie in-game. The film was good. I personally liked it even though it was totally not following from the game as of the characters having their rivalry but it was a decent attempt at a popular game. The only good things about the film really was Jean Claude as Guile, Kylie playing as Cammy and Raul Julia known for being in the Adams Family playing as Bison. Wes Studi played a good Sagat but looking at the size of him in the game compared to Studi does bring a question to the capabilites of the director of choice of actors to play these practicular characters. They even released a Street Fighter film game. They used digitized characters like the brutal (and favourite of mine) Mortal Kombat series. The film + game is a disaster to the hardcore fans of Street Fighter, especially the game but the film may have got let off because of Kylie playing as Cammy. Thats what I thought anyway.

footage of Street Fighter film game:

Stepping aside from Street Fighter and the millions of updates for Street Fighter. Capcom came with another popular fighting game… Marvel vs Capcom. Marvel characters like Iron Man, Wolverine going against some Street Fighter characters like Ryu and Chun-Li. I haven’t played the first Marvel Vs Capcom but I have played Marvel Vs Capcom 2. I got to say its incredible. Whoever came up with the idea to produce this game is a legend. This reminds me that I need to get some MS Points or a PSN card to get Marvel Vs Capcom 2 so I can fully experience it for myself than playing against a friend all the time to play the game. Marvel Vs Capcom 3 has been announced so here is the juicy teaser to make you drool.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 teaser trailer:

Street Fighter III. Bringing in a new roster of characters, and bringing in a new detailed animation and a parry and defense system it was worthy success to the throne and probably known for one of the best moments in history.

Diago Umehara vs Justin Wong: Evolution 2K4 Tournament:

Street Fighter III finally made it to the Xbox from the Capcom Anniversary Collection version and it does run on your Xbox 360 if you can find this hidden gem. Street Fighter III was released 1997, so a long wait for a proper sequel. This does spark a suggestion whether Capcom should release Street Fighter III 3rd strike to XBL or PSN. Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix being a massive success, it would seem right for 3rd strike to be released.

footage of Street Fighter III:

Street Fighter IV. Most probably the most anticipated Street Fighter game. SFIV got top reviews across the board and even the old fans turned out in their thousands to get this game. The game was released in 2008 in Japan on the arcade and console version for the PS3 & Xbox 360 in 2009 and the PC version July 2009. SFIV had a new gameplay tool. Focus Attacks. The useful blend of these focus attacks and dishing out Ultra Combos and Super Combos can really turn the tide in battle. The most annoying thing about SFIV for me personally was how ridiculously Seth really was. The 17 hit combo kick with him not being able to move was a jaw dropping moment in disgust and his third 3 or 4th eye thingymejig, sucking you in and blasting you out was sickening enough. I still play SFIV and even though I have finally beaten Seth on hard recently, yes recently… It was one hell of a proud moment for me. Fist in the air and downed a nice chilled can of carling to celebrate my triumph.

footage of Street Fighter IV:

Street Fighter IV added new characters to the superb selection of characters. Abel, C.Viper, Rufus and El Fuerte. I really hate Viper. She may look nice but her bloody combo is a nasty one.

Super Street Fighter IV is out in the UK this friday. I’m looking very forward to this game. Not only being able to play two of my favourite characters. Dee-Jay & T-Hawk, but also trying out Makoto and some others. I hope you enjoyed reading & watching some of the past of Street Fighter and stayed tuned for our own review Super Street Fighter IV.

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